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A Guide to Introducing a CASB to Your Camden Business

01 June, 2020

Now that Camden businesses are starting to follow the lead of those across the country in deciding to operate online, and with many retail businesses in the area closing, it has become increasingly important to ensure that your Camden business to introduce CASB software to your business to enable it to thrive in the future. CASB software is not only for large businesses, and if you own a small business in the North London area, here are the particulars of introducing cloud access security brokers to your business.

  • Find Right Vendor

The first step that you have to take is to find the right vendor for your CASB software, as this will ensure that you can get the protection that most suits your business and that you can choose the best security measures that are currently on the market. You can compare the different vendors that are available on cloud comparison websites. However, you should consider choosing a UK based company to ensure that they can meet the challenges and risks that are specific to UK businesses. For instance, Proofpoint can give you a wide range of cloud access security solutions through its single platform, allowing you to control the cloud measures that your retail or hospitality business has deployed.

  • Choose the Right Service

However, not every CASB vendor will be able to offer a specific solution that your business needs to protect itself from threats. For instance, if you own a retail store in Camden that uses a lot of email marketing methods to stay in contact with customers, you might consider introducing email protection services to ensure that these are encrypted at all times. However, if you simply operate your business online or use the cloud to store data in an office setting, you might want to look at opting for information protection services. Most vendors, however, can offer you a premium service that provides personalised solutions for small-mid sized businesses operating out of the Camden area, which can allow you to get the innovative solution that you need for the developing risks in your sector.

  • Integrate with Old Software

As a small business, you will likely be operating with old software at the moment, especially if you have not centred your business around innovation. When you are introducing CASB to your business, you should integrate this with the current software that you are using. Luckily, CASB is easy to integrate, and works with a range of Microsoft and Office 365 security solutions, enabling you to achieve the maximum impact, even if you cannot afford to invest in the latest security solutions.

  • Train Your Employees to Use it

The next step when you are introducing a CASB to your business is training your employees to use it. By introducing security awareness training for your employees in relation to CASB, you can ensure that your solution is used effectively. You can also check that there is a minimum amount of risk to your business from employee mistakes or costly human errors, which are the most significant factor in data loss for small businesses. This could include a breach of access controls or the access of sensitive files on hacked or unrecognised devices.


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