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Back off, drivers

20 October, 2017

• MOST motorists will agree that having another car travelling inches from your boot is one of the greatest sources of stress and agitation on the road.

More importantly, aggressive driving is dangerous and is the key factor in many needless personal injury claims.

The government is under pressure to crack down on whiplash claims from insurers who pay compensation to people injured.

But rather than making life harder for those suffering genuine injuries, surely a more logical way to reduce whiplash claims is to concentrate on reducing the number of collisions in the first place? Even insurers can agree with that.

That is why the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, of which I am a member, has long campaigned for drivers to “Back Off” from the car in front.

We still have work to do to make the government listen, but in the meantime we urge everyone to keep their distance from the car in front.

Executive committee member, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Providence Place, N1


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