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Back the unique and special Drummond Street businesses

08 March, 2018

• DRUMMOND Street is the area of Camden which is worst blighted by HS2.

Since November HS2 has taken possession of the Ibis, Thistle and a number of other hotels and businesses in the area. Traders have seen a significant decline in their business, as much as 25 per cent for some restaurants.

On September 12 2015 the secretary of state gave the Drummond Street Traders an assurance that HS2 would develop a business support strategy to include marketing initiatives, hoardings displaying promotional materials, and other initiatives promoting businesses located on Drummond Street.

Over the past year, while there has been much talking, we have seen little effective action from HS2. We have lost a lot of our traditional customers; we need to reach out to new ones.

The Association of Drummond Street Traders is particularly grateful for the support that Sir Keir Starmer MP has provided in seeking to hold HS2 to account on their assurances and in helping traders to challenge the high rates and rents that we are paying.

However the communities in Camden which are threatened by HS2 will only survive if we all stand together. Over the last 50 years, Drummond Street has acquired its unique and special character with its curry houses, shops and businesses.

Our future is now threatened. We urge all your readers not only to visit Drummond Street more regularly but to urge others to do likewise.

Association of Drummond Street Traders


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