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‘Beleavers’ in charge of the asylum

23 August, 2019

PM Boris Johnson

• JOURNALISTS like to think they write the first pages of history when their job in fact is to monitor the centres of power and report to us voters, without fear or favour, what is actually happening.

Bias, poor judgment and ignorance in these strange times help to obscure our view.

Beleavers are now in charge of the Brexit asylum.

With only a one-seat majority in the Commons, and no general election, the current occupant of Number 10 seems to have no intention of listening to warnings over a no-deal exit from the European Union on October 31.

Boris Johnson promises everything and slings money over his shoulder at every problem hoping that it will buy silence.

Apocalyptic concerns have been expressed from the EU itself, the Bank of England, all corners of business large and small, unions, National Health Service think-tanks, pharmacists, housing experts, food suppliers, road hauliers, as well as farmers and supermarkets, custom officials… and we the voters are only allowed to watch.

The PM’s senior aide, Dominic Cummings, who lied repeatedly, shamelessly, when organising the leave campaign in 2016, is going to, by his own admission, ignore the mainstream media or any questions and use only selected favourable questions, with no follow-ups allowed, on social media so-called “live” debates.

The week saw the leaked internal Tory government assessment for a no-deal Brexit – “Operation Yellowhammer” with concerns of a possible economic apocalypse.

It was rejected by Michael Gove, chief Brexit negotiator, as “out of date”.

It was submitted only three weeks ago!

Reality is to be ignored as we all pay the price.

For fantasy beleavers are determined we hear no evil, see no evil, and certainly speak no reality.

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