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Britain’s most caring cat? Rosie up for top award

'I can never feel alone with Rosie, she’s always by my side'

24 June, 2019 — By Tom Foot

Deborah Elm with Rosie

A CAT who helped her owner cope after the sudden death of her husband is up for a national award.

Rosie, from Kentish Town, helped Deborah Elm, 37, after her husband Adam died from a stroke following a lung transplant.

Mr Elm, who had cystic fibrosis, was just 39 when he died following the operation that was supposed to prolong his life.

Deborah said: “It was a very tough time and although I had family stay with me for a while, there came a time when I had to get used to living alone. Coming home to an empty flat was almost unbearable so that’s why I decided to get a cat.”

She added:  “I had no idea just how much Rosie would help. Having her here when I get home is a great distraction from that overbearing sadness. She’s always happy to see me and making sure she’s fed and well cared-for gives me a great sense of purpose. I can never feel alone with Rosie, she’s always by my side.”

She added: “Adam had a difficult last couple of years, but the lung transplant was something which was meant to transform his life for the better. It was meant to be the beginning of a whole new chapter for us both, but it was not to be. Adam suffered a stroke and never regained consciousness after the operation.”

The Cats Protection’s charity said Rosie had beats hundreds of entrants to make the final three in the most caring category of its annual National Cat Awards in August.

The awards will be decided a ceremony in the Savoy Hotel with former England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman among the judges.

Winners get a trophy, a pet store vouchers and three months supply of food.

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