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CASBs Help Islington Stores to Thrive Now and in the Future

01 June, 2020

CASBs are integral to the future of your business in Islington if it uses the Cloud or operates online either fully or partially. CASBs can prevent your business from falling into ruin after a data breach by preventing cyber-attacks from being able to disrupt the retail store. Then, by using a CASB, you will be ensuring the success of your business both now and in the future.

Reasons why Retailers should use the Cloud

  • Over 21% of retail sales in the UK were made using an online storefront in March 2020, many of which are cloud-hosted on a remote server that you may feel as if you have no control over. Not only this, but loyalty schemes and customer accounts store your customer’s data on a remote system that can be hacked easily by cybercriminals.
  • As digitisation increases, many Islington businesses have also begun to operate their marketing campaigns online, using social media and storing customer details on the Cloud to set up email marketing campaigns.
  • Many businesses in Islington also used payment processing systems that use the Cloud, meaning that your customer’s data may be accessed by malware or a third party without their consent.

What CASBs can do for Your Business

  • Using a cloud access security broker with Proofpoint can prevent access to your accounts by unauthorised parties, as well as ensuring that your company is secure against external threats on the Cloud.
  • They can protect against vicious attacks through email and on your desktop, as well as ensuring that files are shared safely when they are accessed on different devices.
  • They can prevent shadow IT and alert you when there is a threat to your business, as well as blocking this threat.
  • They can also protect you against the deep and dark web.

How CASBs are Helping Stores to Succeed

  • CASBs can help retail stores to succeed as they are cost-effective, allowing retailers to carry out several different security functions from a single platform. This means that they are the perfect option for smaller businesses. This infrastructure helping them to succeed by ensuring that they are not paying out extortionate amounts on security software that they do not need.
  • CASBs can also help stores to succeed by highlighting the software that they need the most. An Okta report suggested that the average business uses over 200 to run their business. CASBs can help to tune into the business’s needs to decide on the applications that are the most beneficial.
  • Retail stores often have a high turnover of employees, and these past employees may still have access to your files. Then, CASB software can help your business to thrive by ensuring that your data has access controls that can bar any unauthorised individuals.
  • Cloud access security brokers can also adapt their features for your industry and the needs of your business, including those of compliance. Rather than ending up with a hefty fine, CASB software can help your business to avoid these by ensuring that it meets digital standards.
  • CASB applications can also be advantageous for retailers who are looking towards the future and the growth of their business. If your store in Islington has recently decided to operate online, you should consider using a CASB application as this can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your business. Rather than using other security software, which has to be reinstalled every time your business grows, CASBs can be on the journey with your company from start to finish.


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