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Closing Judd Street is a blow to local people and democracy is dead

05 July, 2018

• SO, as a resident of Judd Street for almost 50 years, pedestrian, cyclist, car owner, and now Freedom Pass beneficiary, I witnessed a very shabby move by Camden Council and Transport for London to make it almost impossible for businesses, delivery, tradesmen, and local car owners to travel in my street.

The messianic thinking of “four wheels bad, two wheels good” in a street already under-trafficked but a vital access area for the aging residents, and pushing even more traffic into the King’s Cross and Euston roads with the mantra that we will have purer air, is such muddled thinking.

A packed, angry, meeting was completely ignored, as a poorly distributed “consultation” from 2016. I remember equally angry meetings at the town hall over this issue at that time.

Yet the equally poor representation from the officers was taken up with “vision” by a council leader clearly already decided on what was to be done.

The problems of the Euston Road will never be solved by the closure of Judd Street and I cannot understand how anyone with an understanding of what it’s like to live here can’t see that.

My vote will not be for the present council next time. But then, democracy is dead and replaced by box-ticking exercises. We who live here “do not understand the greater vision” for those in control. Maybe those in control should live here… how novel!

Judd Street, WC1


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