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Councillors should make housing the top priority

10 May, 2018

• MAYBE Labour in Camden did not do quite so well as its local grandees hoped.

However, it might have done a whole lot worse had voters been aware of the fact that the council had the highest number of “non-decent” council homes in the country, according to figures produced by central government.

The cost making the 2,000 “non-decent” homes “decent” was estimated as £42million. This was before the estimated £100million now to be spent on the Chalcots, and does not include the £130million spent on the earlier botched refurbishment of these blocks.

We also know of huge delays in completing building under the Community Investment Programme.

Hopefully the new cabinet will make housing and the CIP project its number one priority and back this up with transparency and openness. A response from councillors would be welcome.



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