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D-Day lesson for today

14 June, 2019

D-Day veterans at Islington Green war memorial 

• IT was hard not to be moved by the D-Day anniversary events last week, reminding us of the bravery of ordinary people, the enormity of the logistics required and the horrifying numbers and youth of those who died.

The UK and its allies committed everything to combating the greatest global threat of their time and we are still grateful for their sacrifices 75 years later.

These days, the greatest global threat may be very different but again it will hit the younger generations hardest and again it needs us to commit everything to addressing it.

A while ago, I went to a lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers, where the speaker suggested the cost of dealing with climate change would be of the same order of magnitude as the cost of fighting a war, but pointed out that during World War II the country didn’t stop to discuss cost effectiveness or ask where the resources would come from: we knew we had to do it and just had to find the money.

The same is true for the climate emergency. The impact of not dealing with it is similarly too horrific.

Sadly, though, that lecture was 30 years ago. And still our government does little more than pay lip service to the scale of the climate challenge. If it had started to take it seriously back then, the cost would have been spread over several decades and would have been a lot less painful.

We know now that we’ve only got 10 years to deal with the problem or the effects will be catastrophic and irreversible.

We know we’ve got to do it. We just need to find the money and make the commitment. Or in 75 years our own children and grandchildren may remember us with a lot less gratitude.

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