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Dan Carrier’s movies news: How to Start a Revolution

15 August, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

WHO is Gene Sharp, and why we should all know his name is the topic of a documentary being shown next week at the Bertha Doc House screen in the Brunswick Centre.

Gene, pictured, was a Nobel Prize nominee, and perhaps the world’s leading authority on non-violent revolutions.

His work From Dictatorship To Democracy has become a must-have read for activists around the world – and has influenced revolutions from Siberia to Syria, Ukraine through to the Arab Spring…

In it, he identifies 198 key methods that bring non-violent change and Sharp’s philosophies are laid bare in this film.

Hosted with a Q&A by the climate change group Extinction Rebellion, the film, How to Start a Revolution, was directed by journalist Ruaridh Arrow.

He first heard of Sharp’s work as a student and was interested why groups seeking fundamental change in a wide range of places and situations referred to Sharp’s work.

He said: “Here was this old man [Gene Sharp] sitting in a crumpled house in Boston and that is where revolutionaries go for advice. It was one of the world’s great little secrets. It was a little bit of magic and I had to make a film about it.”

In Arrow’s hands, Sharp’s work becomes even more accessible – and the reasons he has been called “the Clausewitz of non-violent warfare” and the “Machiavelli of non-violence” becomes clear. The film is being screened on Thursday, August 22.



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