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Get fit, take a short walk

15 June, 2018

• SUMMER is the perfect time of year to spend a bit more time outside and to be more active, but the busy nature of modern life means it is often difficult to fit physical activity into our days.

The good news is that brisk walking counts as a form of intense physical activity. Just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your health, both in the short and long term – it gets the heart pumping faster, can make you feel better, more energetic and improve your mood.

Over time, brisk walking can help to lower the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes. For these reasons, healthcare professionals are recommending high-intensity physical activity, like brisk walking, to improve patients’ health.

Walking is a great way to get more physical activity into your day. Most of us can walk instead of taking the tube or bus, walk to the shops instead of taking the car, or spend some time with your friends and family by enjoying Islington’s parks and green spaces.

We have some fantastic walking routes, and groups in Islington that you can join. I’ve committed to doing more brisk walking over the summer.

To help your walking, Public Health England is encouraging people to download the free Active 10 app. This helps you complete your 10 minutes of brisk walking daily.

It is the first app of its kind to show how much brisk walking you’re doing and when you are doing this at a high enough intensity and long enough to get health benefits.

Search Active 10 online to find out more and to download the app. Also, visit for local walking groups and routes.

Deputy leader and executive member for health and wellbeing, Islington Council


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