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Hope for the future after the pandemic

21 January, 2021

Haverstock and Belsize Met police teams lend a helping hand

• HEARTS of gold, not copper!

This doesn’t just apply to the Gospel Oak, Haverstock and Belsize Met police teams who came to the rescue at the Queen’s Crescent Community Centre last week.

It applies to all volunteers here and in all other community centres, charities, and food banks in our country; heart-warming scenes where people did what we always do in Britain in times of darkness, come together and give comfort to the most vulnerable and isolated.

That gives us hope for the future after the pandemic. I’m not the biggest “clapping for…” fan because what we need is real change. But I would like to mention a few here that represent all those everyday heroes who are now there for others, without payment, often forgotten and without recognition.

Thank you very much: Fiona, Alma, Imagine, Susan, Mary, Finn, Luke, Richard, David, Wendy, Belinda and all who do good with the kindness of their heart.



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