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House prices in pop culture: Could characters really afford their homes?

09 July, 2019

London has been the backdrop for many iconic pieces of television and film. It’s the home of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, the base for the world’s most famous spy, James Bond as well as the landscape from which the antics of the beloved Eastenders cast takes place.

It’s chosen because of its picturesque appearance and iconic status it holds within the world, but is it the most practical place for these characters to live? And could they afford the properties from which they’re meant to dwell?

Canstar, Australia’s biggest financial comparison site, has a tool designed to show you how much 24 fictional characters earn compared to the mortgage cost on their homes, as well as showing how long it would take them to pay it off on their current salary.

The tool also allows you to choose from three currencies, either US/Aussie dollars or British pounds, and allows you to input your fictional income to see how you rank up against the characters themselves.

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