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HS2 is a project past its use-by date

16 November, 2017

• THIS government seems to be bull-dozing it’s way into a expensive, useless “white elephant project”.

Have those in government ever heard of the “high speed hyperloop”? People in the north of England seem to be more knowledgeable than those in the south.

Their plan is a new proposal that will connect high-speed hyperloop with several cities; Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their proposed route will start from Liverpool. It’s all published on the web.

Superloop trains will be criss-crossing India by 2030, free of charge, covered by advertising fees. Europe will no doubt follow. As you know they work on “Vorsprung durch Technik”. Super-loop bubbles are already being tested in California.

Do we know how much has already been spent on consultancy and other fees? And how many contracts have already been signed for an overcharged, outdated, system?

HS2 seems to be overshooting the “use-by-date” too. HS2 does not even seem to know where all lines will run, but demolitions of buildings are speeding along at the expense of the taxpayer.



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