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I’m ashamed of Sir Keir Starmer’s attack on socialists and open debate

07 January, 2021

Sir Keir Starmer

• GREAT to hear that Simon Pearson has written privately to Sir Keir Starmer protesting about the suspensions of Labour Party members, (Labour councillors have supported suspended members, December 31). Be interesting to know if Sir Keir has replied.

To claim that the suspension of socialists from the party is an internal matter is either naive or self-serving. It impacts on everyone if discussion is being blocked and democracy undermined.

The chair and vice-chair were suspended for allowing a discussion on the withdrawal of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn. Reasons were made public in the press.

Simon asks if I’m a Labour Party member? Yes. Over 40 years and I’ve held pretty much every position in the local party from constituency chair downward.

I’m ashamed of the current leadership and their willingness to attack not only those of us who are socialists but open debate. If we don’t oppose this publicly we become complicit.

Belsize Road, NW6


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