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It’s time for answers about what’s going on with the Community Investment Programme

31 August, 2017

• NOW that Camden Council’s cabinet member for finance Theo Blackwell is resigning his position as councillor, there are hopes in Gospel Oak that his replacement will be able to enlighten the community as to what is going on with the Community Investment Programme.

Gospel Oak members of the Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Association have been left in the dark for too long. On numerous occasions questions have been asked as to the delays, set-backs, financial black holes, and rumours of mismanagement.

Why can’t our ward councillors answer some of these questions asked by our members? Such as…

• How much of the (about) £12million from the site of 32 Lawn Road development has been spent in Gospel Oak Ward and on what?

• How much section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy funding has been available in Gospel Oak in 2014/15 2015/16 and 2016/17? And what has this been spent on and what consultation on decisions was there with residents?

• Why have Rydon left the Bacton Low Rise (BLR) site? Will a new contract for this site be advertised and when?

• Why is there still a person living in BLR? When did Camden start CPO proceedings to purchase this property?

• How far behind is the timetable for completion of phase 2 of BLR? When will this phase be completed and the (about 50) displaced council tenants allowed to return?

• How may of the 21 flats for sale in Vicars Road have been sold? And how many are occupied?

• What is the current state of income and expenditure for the BLR development?

• What plans are there to replace the (about 25) workshops demolished as part of the 32 Lawn Road and BLR development?

These, and many more questions, need to be answered. Isn’t it about time that Camden Council organise a local meeting for the ward and have their over-paid regeneration and place-shaping officers shed light on what’s going on with the Community Investment Programme?



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