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Knife found in car that crashed into police vehicle in Euston

Suspects fled the scene on foot after crashing into BTP vehicle

02 August, 2018 — By William McLennan

Police seized a knife with a blade of more than a foot long (Photo: Simon Lamrock)

Officers are searching for suspects who crashed into a police vehicle in Euston Road before fleeing the scene and leaving behind a large knife.

The driver and passengers of the silver Mazda ran off after colliding with a British Transport Police vehicle opposite Euston rail station shortly before 9pm last night.

Officers searched the abandoned car and discovered a knife with a blade more than a foot long.

They were supported by an officer of the Royal Military Police, who is believed to have been on patrol with the BTP as part of a training exercise.

A BTP spokesman said the incident was not being treated as terror-related. They said the police vehicle was “not on response”.

A silver Mazda was abandoned (Photo: Simon Lamrock) 

A statement said: “Shortly before 9pm yesterday evening (01/08) a vehicle collided with a BTP vehicle near to Euston Road in London. The BTP vehicle was not on response.

“The occupants of the vehicle ran off and whilst the vehicle was being searched, a large knife was recovered. Enquiries are being made in relation to this.”

The BTP yesterday tweeted an image of the blade, above, with the caption: “Another knife taken off the streets tonight.”


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