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Let’s get real about pollution in the Marylebone Road area

17 November, 2017

Cabs ‘leave their engines running’

• IT’S all very well for Cllr Daniel Astaire to say Westminster City Council is doing all it can to improve air quality in response to protesters (‘We’ll go to jail over air pollution, November 3) but tell that to the residents of Harewood Avenue, NW1, and pupils of Christ Church Bentinck Primary School, Cosway Street, NW1, all just off Marylebone Road.

During weekdays the queue of cabs waiting for a trip goes all the way down past BNP Paribas HQ to Blandford Square where the engines are left running even though there are signs for them to switch them off. We need enforcement action both by the council and Transport for London.

Christ Church Benedict Primary School is almost on the junction of Marylebone Road and Old Marylebone Road, where the flyover just ends. Yet while other schools off Marylebone Road has had measures taken, none so far has been with this school in Church Street ward.

We need the same offer made to other primary schools off Marylebone made to this primary school too.

And while I welcome the T-Charge I just hope it doesn’t mean we end up with more old bangers going along the Marylebone Road boundary to avoid it, as we did with the Congestion Charge, which raised volumes of traffic along Marylebone Road adding to the air pollution corridor along the Marylebone Road.

The council and the Mayor of London need policies and measures to cover the whole of Marylebone not just the bits that take their fancy.



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