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Let’s have the details of Deliveroo’s kitchens plan

05 October, 2017

• WHEN Deliveroo began its project to build kitchens in the car park of 117 Finchley Road, residents in the surrounding roads were naturally concerned about what this may mean for them, their families, and their quality of life (Deliveroo’s 9 kitchens plan sparks backlash, September 28).

We have been working with the current Conservative councillors in the ward to speak with the residents and make representations to Camden Council and Deliveroo on both this issue and the licensing application in the former Estancia restaurant.

We made a site visit and were struck at the sheer proximity of the site to the neighbouring properties, given that the residents report no prior warning from the company that these kitchens were on the way.

There are clearly large gaps of knowledge which need to be filled in the coming weeks and months to address some of the residents’ key concerns.

These include how Deliveroo plans to utilise the site; what it will do about the smell of food coming out of the kitchens and how many delivery mopeds it will use. This is not to mention any disruption from the construction of the kitchen itself.

At this point in time this issue comes down to proactive and constructive engagement with the residents. Deliveroo has stated that they are already working with the relevant departments at the council.

The council needs to make this dialogue transparent for residents and have their interests at the forefront. It is disappointing that the residents feel they have not had their say so far.

We look forward to hearing further details from Deliveroo and the council in due course and the Conservative team will help to make sure that residents are fully involved in this process.

This is not about being against Deliveroo as a company and its availability to Swiss Cottage and South Hampstead residents. When a business threatens to impinge on people’s lives, it is the duty of that business to be a good and respectful neighbour.

The Swiss Cottage Conservative team


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