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New Lib Dem MEP gets shirty on first day in Strasbourg

Belsize councillor Luisa Porritt wears 'Bollocks To Brexit' slogan

04 July, 2019 — By Richard Osley

A NEW MEP arrived in Strasbourg wearing a “Bollocks To Brexit” T-shirt for the European Parliament’s opening session.

Luisa Porritt, a councillor in Belsize, said the Liberal Democrats who had been elected at May’s European elections wanted to make sure their new colleagues were well aware that not everybody in the United Kingdom wanted to leave the union.

She is one of three new Lib Dem MEPs for the London region after the party enjoyed a dramatic swing in its favour across Camden and beyond with an unequivocal ambition to stop Brexit.

Members of the Brexit Party turned their backs on the chamber when the EU’s anthem, Ode To Joy, was played. Councillors in Camden are due to debate a new motion on Monday evening that will call for the Town Hall to campaign not just for a second referendum on Europe, but firmly to remain as well.

Around 75 per cent of people living the borough who took part in the 2016 referendum wanted to stay in the EU.

The Conservatives have previously criticised local councillors for prioritising motions opposing Brexit and have called for more local topics to be debated.

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