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Night-time parking threat to one of our best fish-and-chip shops

17 November, 2017

• I AM asking London’s night-time czar Amy Lame to press Islington Council to cease hitting local businesses.

We’ll see if she really has any night-time influence or if it is just more of the Mayor of London’s publicity-seeking nonsense, which is becoming as obnoxious as Boris Johnson’s useless antics.

I have lived in Islington for more than 30 years and want the czar to stop this pointless blow to local business.

Central Fish Restaurant in Finsbury is a much-loved, well-used local business employing more than a dozen people. At weekends the place throngs with London families having a night out. It’s a great atmosphere and it should not be threatened.

My wife and I go there after we have been to the Barbican Cinema, so we are spending our leisure money locally. Black cabbies use the Central too for their night-time break and to have a chat.

Now they can’t park. Why not? Suddenly, the council has imposed night-time parking restrictions when there is no traffic problem and the area is quiet.

Do they want to shut the businesses down? Wouldn’t it be better to collect their increased rates from thriving enterprises?

I parked on a single yellow line at 9.30pm on Saturday, November 4, and later found a £130 fine on my car windscreen, even though I have a blue-badge disabled pass.

That was more than twice the amount we spent on the meal in what can justifiably claim to be one of London’s best fish and chip shops. With fines on customers like this it won’t be one of those for much longer.

How many other businesses in the wider Islington area are being affected by parking restrictions lacking any “nous” for local trading conditions?



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