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Our Camden tower block needs attention

15 June, 2017

• WE woke yesterday (Wednesday) to the news of the recently-refurbished Grenfell Tower block on the Lancaster West estate going up in flames.

In view of Camden Council ignoring our concerns about the fire seals between the floors of Bacton Tower, NW5, since 2015 will they now progress the seals that should have been done at the time of refurbishment but neglected?

An independent fire inspection officer, Williams from Euro compliance, informed that the building is a fire risk as a forceful draught was coming from the gaps on the risers under our kitchen sink area.

Despite this concern being raised on several occasions the council have felt fit to do nothing but ignore our communications and the outcome of a member’s inquiry from one councillor some years ago.

Perhaps we could work towards these seals being fitted to negate a disaster similar to Grenfell Tower and for leaseholders to be listened to. Can we also take more seriously measures to prevent tenants flicking ash out of their windows that ends up inside balconies and window ledges?

Bacton Tower, NW5


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