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Police grapple with scooter suspect in Swiss Cottage

Bike collides with parked car before chase

16 March, 2018 — By Tom Foot

A SCOOTER bike crashed into a parked car before one of its riders was dramatically pinned to the ground by police while another escaped.

An unmarked police car had been following the scooter the wrong way up Goldhurst Terrace, near the junction with Finchley Road, on Tuesday at around 9pm. Two officers jumped out of the unmarked car and grappled with the boy, who was riding “pillion”, while the driver ran-off down Finchley Road.

Three marked police cars arrived on the scene and the road was blocked outside Waitrose. A car, parked outside Luigi’s restaurant, was severely damaged in the collision. The Met Police said the scooter was being followed as it had no number plate.


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