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Revenge drama doesn’t pull its punches

22 June, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Diane Kruger in In The Fade

Directed by Fatih Akin
Certificate 18

A BOMB blast in Hamburg is the starting point for In The Fade, a film that gives Diane Kruger a role that allows her the dramatic scope to showcase her talents.

White supremacists are bringing terror to the streets of German cities – and their campaign of random attacks kickstarts this heartbreaking story.

Kruger plays Katja, a woman whose six-year-old son and husband, who is originally from Turkey, are killed in a neo-Nazi terrorist atrocity. We follow her as she has to come to terms with her horrific loss – and then rebuild her life with her lost family still at the centre of what she does, but providing some meaning to their murders.

From the moment Katja learns she has lost those dearest to her to the battle to find some form of justice, we are perched on her shoulder, peering into her life, which is not an easy thing to do.

We follow the investigation into the crime, the courtroom and then Katja trying to exact vengeance.

While dealing with her grief, she has to take on others’ approach to it – her husband’s past is raked up, too, while the criminals’ defence team do all they can to show her dead husband in an unfavourable light.

On top of this you have other family members focusing their anger on Katya, the subtle reminders around her home of what has gone and will never return, and then Katya’s own madness and rage putting herself in danger as she tries to find closure.


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