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Review: Outright Terror… Bold and Brilliant, at Etcetera Theatre

03 July, 2018 — By Billie Manning

Court in the act: Outright Terror… Bold and Brilliant. Photo: Lee Ryda

THE title of Peter Neathey’s Outright Terror… Bold and Brilliant comes from the uncannily prescient tagline emblazoned on the side of the number 30 bus that was struck as part of the 7/7 bomb attacks in 2005. According to writer, director and actor Neathey, perhaps too prescient.

Outright Terror… is presented as a courtroom drama and as Bob Bernstein (Neathey) gives his evidence for an alternative version of the events that unfolded leading up to and on that day, we delve into the world of conspiracy theory.

The idea of including the audience in the play as the jury, with direct address from actors is interesting, and the play certainly holds attention. The opposition (Fiona Evans) is written as a Bush/Blair fangirl whose simpering easily bolsters Bernstein’s points.

However, after the interval the play becomes more of a lecture. Rather than this, it would have been more emotionally engaging to pursue the brief intermittent extracts that follow the movements of the perpetrators in this alternative timeline.

This would probably be the ideal first date for two conspiracy-lovers – if not, you may find yourselves questioning your existence… and not necessarily in a good way.

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