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The family of Del Singh are distressed and the award bearing his name should be returned by the Jewish Labour Movement

08 March, 2018

• HOW disappointing that you published Cllr Phil Rosenberg’s fictive account of the meeting where other, Jewish, members of his local Labour Party called for the wishes of Del Singh’s family to be respected, (Politician boycotts party meetings over ‘institutional racism’, March 1).

The late Del Singh was a strong supporter of Palestinian rights. So it was a travesty for the award in his memory to have been given to a one-sided group of cheer­leaders for Israel. His family are distressed and the injustice is driving a wedge between different communities.

Cllr Rosenberg, the Board of Deputies which employs him, and the Jewish Labour Movement should show magnanimity and return the award. Instead, as usual, they oppose other Jews who are prepared to criticise the state of Israel. Luckily we now have somewhere else to go – the new Jewish Voice for Labour is growing every week.



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