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There are double standards with wearing the poppy

17 November, 2017

• I ALSO ask what are poppies for? (The poppy has been ambushed, November 10).

A quick look on November 11, as I walked down my high road on the way to Mass, showed less than one quarter of all I surveyed wore a poppy.

A good point was made that in World War I most deaths were of military persons, now 90 per cent are civilians. I don’t feel there is enough regret or striving to end wars in our November reminder of the fallen. There is a feeling of glorification in it all, even be it small.

The BBC over-egg it. For example: “…and here is your weather for Remembrance Sunday” and “over to so and so, for your Remembrance Weekend of sport”!

Myself, I find the wearing of poppies by so many in public office actually offensive. For example, we have had photographs of Michael Fallon and others, who have had to resign, sporting a poppy. Does no one else see the double standard in all of this?

In the Christian faith, November is the time we remember and pray for all the dead, and not just the war dead. The poppy should be respected and not triumphed around as a symbol for what it was never intended to be.

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