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To call for the return of the Del Singh Award is perverse

08 March, 2018

• UNLIKE Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Jenny Manson of Jewish Voice for Labour, I was actually at the meeting that Cllr Phil Rosenberg described and can attest to what he said about the hostile atmosphere and to the repeated tabling of motions which obsessively target Jews and Israel, (An apology is necessary, March 1).

The motion last month sought to strip the official movement representing Labour’s Jewish members of an award for its work campaigning for the party. This is clearly completely perverse. As one member put it, this would lead to a situation where Labour has an award for which “Jews need not apply”.

If anyone needs to apologise it is people like Ms Wimborne-Idrissi and Ms Manson, who constantly provide cover for those whose hostility to Jews undermines our ability to genuinely be a party for all and to focus on the social justice that most Labour members want to see.

Secretary, Queen’s Park Labour Party


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