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We need more frequent buses on the 274 route, not cut-backs and double-deckers

05 July, 2018

• SUCCESSIVE London mayors and Transport for London have always been quick to claim credit for improvements in transport services, but strangely quiet when they are reduced.

So it is with the 274 bus service between Angel Islington and Lancaster Gate. Like many others, I depend upon this service.

We have suddenly found our weekday service reduced from every seven to nine minutes to every 11 to 13 minutes. How did I discover this?

I noticed that delays between buses seemed even longer than usual, and looked at the timetable at my bus stop in Albert Terrace, which revealed the change.

If I looked at the TfL site regularly I would have expected this. But why should I or anyone do so if for years the service had remained unaltered?

There were rumours that double-deck buses were to be introduced in June but no talk of reducing bus frequencies.

The bus frequency has been cut back for at least a week. Rumours from passengers who have asked drivers what is happening suggest that trials with double-decker buses have resulted in problems with over-hanging trees and difficulties at corners and junctions.

Why did TfL reduce the frequency before checking out double-deckers on the route? And why are TfL planning to bring in double-deckers anyway?

Yes, we must accept that the 274 route is not easy for the operator to manage. There are so many complicated junctions where the route crosses other main roads where other traffic has priority.

This means that sometimes a bus is full, but usually it is because it has been delayed and there is another – often two – close behind. And the same will happen with double-deckers.

What passengers need is not double-deck buses but a frequent bus service. Why were we not consulted about these changes?



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