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What are the ‘anti-social changes’ along the proposed Quietway 10?

17 August, 2018

• YOUR correspondent, Michael Gwinnell, fingers the “cyclists’ lobby” for alleged “anti-social changes” along the proposed Quietway 10 through Barnsbury, (How can we curb Amwell Street’s downhill racers? August 10).

What these are, he doesn’t say – though his anger is clearly visceral – but I’m guessing dangerous illegal parking by school-runners outside Thornhill Primary isn’t on his hit-list.

Is Mr Gwinnell objecting to the removal of parking spaces along the north end of Thornhill at its junction with Offord? At least one ward councillor acknowledges the close-passing dangers posed by the current situation.

Does he deny the daily rat-running on this section of road, the left turns across the path of cyclists made by overtaking vehicles, or the risks to pedestrians trying to cross the side roads?

Is it simply cyclists and other active travellers your correspondent can’t tolerate? As a local resident, cyclist and walker, I’d be happy to meet Michael on-site to discuss his concerns face to face.

Ellington Street, N7


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