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Why not adopt your street to help keep it clean

05 July, 2018

• ON fly-tipping and litter, the decent folk of Camden can do more to counter the louts who break the law and degrade our street environment.

It’s not just litter and rubbish but chewing gum too. Graffiti is also a grime crime to be discouraged.

We should support Camden’s street cleaning efforts. Those residents who really care should consider “adopting” their street and, armed with the knowledge of the day(s) when a Veolia contractor cleans the street, try to spend a while picking up litter on other occasions.

The council may be able to provide a litter-picker but they are on sale online for less than £20 (there’s even one for kids).

Litter louts should be challenged when safe to do so. If there is council representative, a police officer or PCSO nearby when you witness litter dropping, report it – a reprimand may encourage that individual to be more thoughtful in future.

About £1billion a year is spent on street cleaning and fly-tipping in our islands and most of us have ideas what central government might better do with even half of that money.



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