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Why tell us one thing and then do another with the bins?

15 June, 2017

The bin is back 

• TENANTS were informed that the green bin that is outside the entrance to our small block and communal garden would be removed, owing to people over-filling it with household items, food and garden waste instead of litter, this caused it to overflow and all the rubbish would be littered all over the place.

Camden Council said four months ago that they needed to get an angle grinder to remove it as it was bolted down. We were pleased to see that the bin had finally been uprooted the other day and was awaiting removal, as there is another covered street bin directly across the road which has no problems with overflow and we do not need two.

Came home, only to find that the bin has been put back deeper into the ground to make it look shorter and tarmacked all around so it cannot be moved. This is only making the problem worse as the bin is full already full.

Why do Camden tell us one thing then go and do another?

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